Re-inventing the room to fit in the present trends of classism, color harmony and modern abstract images in a traditional painting technique.

Designing contempory murals are innovative, an specialized custom design to give an aura of illussion of 3d effect and extend a larger space of impression. The intricacy of the elements are compact however it was neutralized by thearrangement and harmony of color balancing.

Contemporary mural design with the result of unique ambiance by Richard Ancheta - Montreal.
Contemporary mural design with the result of unique ambiance.

The choice of color is define and luxurious, using torquoise as a color theme with beige that minimize its contrast, and a spice of some important details of light gold and shinny silver gray is essential to fulfill its astonishing effect.

Mural with the color theme of torquoise and its combination light golden beige with its cool presentation, painting by Richard Ancheta - Montreal.
The color theme of torquoise and its combination light golden beige with its cool presentation.

In this section with faux finish rendition of hammered texture using emerald and metallic gold gives an intricate effect of mix funky pattern.

Mural with hammered textured wall with torquoise, beige and light gold, painting by Richard Ancheta - Montreal.
Hammered textured wall with torquoise, beige and light gold.

With some touches of shinny light gold and silver gray gives a glittering and precious effect.

Mural with glittering effect of gold and silver, painting by Richard Ancheta - Montreal.
Glittering effect of gold and silver.
The choosen abstract design is rendered in a traditional painting method ( trompe l'oeil ) and achieve the perspective of three dimentional presentation. The impression of abstact includes depth, fractal pattern and rythmn composition.
Mural with abstract 3d design of repeat pattern and rythmn composition, painting by Richard Ancheta - Montreal.
Abstract 3d design of repeat pattern and rythmn composition.

In this new era, comtempory design are favorites by the new generation, the design fits in the newest trends and technology.


The Three Basic Types of Home Decorating Styles:

Traditional style is a mix of beautiful, timeless and refined elements. This style was once considered formal, but through the years the Traditional style has also been adapted into a more casual format that appeals to a wide range of home dwellers.

Contemporary style interiors came into vogue in the late 20th century and derived its look from many influences. When sleek Italian-designed goods and other sophisticated European furnishings began making their way into the American market, the contemporary design style boomed overnight.

Eclectic style decorating got its start via the fine arts and architecture when pioneers prided themselves on the fact that they didn’t adhere to any particular style, then set about doing their own thing. Their work was so successful that their plan appears to have backfired, a various styles while creating a cohesive look through color, texture and or shape.

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