Double Portrait
Oil Portrait Painting Process

Portrait of Jean and Beauceron , Oil on Canvas

Portrait of Jean and Beauceron
Oil on Canvas (8"x10")

The following are the steps and the procedure how I develop the final look of the portrait in the fastest time. Penciling ability is one of the factor of the painting it is the backbone of the image and at this stage I have to satisfied myself that when I apply the series of color the portrait will get the best look alike of the models impression.

Portrait Oil Painting Stage 1
I simply use an ordinary HB graphite pencil, tight penciling placing details in the precise position. I did some grays to have some volumes. And after, I spayed a thin layer of fixative to protect the drawing from smudging and not to be mix in the colors of the later stage.
Portrait Oil Painting Stage 2
Imprimatura - After the fixative is dried, I start to apply a thin glazing of orange tinted with a bit of white ( acrylic color) and immediately dried by a hair dryer. Why orange?, because this color with illuminates the coating or the upper layer of the paints. I applied the second coating, the sketch is lightly visible, if some of the details are covered with paint, slightly scrape it with foam or a rag. Let it dry fully, this time the pores of the canvas is sealed with paint and toned ground color ready for first application of oil paints. Oil painting begins, I start putting the darkest tone that gives an immediate form of the portraits of Jean and beauceron (the dog).
Portrait Oil Painting Stage 3
By applying oil painting mixed with turpentine without a linseed oil. I start filling block all the possible heavy toned areas especially in the corners. At this stage is placing the light source emphasizing the main subject, the faces and the dog. By using the "chiaroscuro" technique, I play with the shades and shadows increasing the solidity of the figure.
Portrait Oil Painting Stage 4
Opaque colors - After the blocking of the darkest area, I start painting the natural colors and middle tones in every section, completing the impression on the image.
Portrait Oil Painting Stage 5

At this stage, I start playing with shades and shadows, add different tone density and the local color of the main subject, foreground descending to background. I filled all the areas and let dry to prepare for the next session. I used paint thinner as a solvent and quickly dries the applied oil paints. I start adding more colors and concentrating in every details adjusting proportions and tones in each section.

Portrait Oil Painting Final Stage

The Finished Painting Glazing - Practically the whole of the picture has now been repainted with a series of glaze, giving it with more solid form. I increase the depth of the shades and shadows and find some missing final details. I signed the painting, let it dried and applied it with a series of protective varnish.