Logo and logotype design is the best abstract and graphic representation of a company and their brands, ideas are created with the series of sketches design in black and white, and the final presentation are unite with the choosen color motif. With so many uses that will be appeared as their corporate presentation such as cards, fliers, letterheads, brochures, signboards and other company identities.


Designing its visibility is always consider specially with the smallest reduction or the ability to be viewed in long distances. The application of hot colors of red and orange are typical and common because of its radiant and luminosity.

Logo and logotype design, shoe store - Montreal.
Logo and logotype design, shoe store - Montreal.

Logo is the abbreviation of logotype, the evolution of both names becomes specific as the logo is the symbol and logotype is the font design. From the past advertising history, logos and logotypes are simplified in one or two colors only, to conserve the printing reproductions. The innovation and style are differ from the modern times, logos are rendered in 3D to give its technological advances and in high digital technology.



Logo and logotype design, fonts Blaze and Zapfino - Montreal.
Logo and logotype design, fonts Blaze and Zapfino - Montreal.

Logotypes are very important also which is the complementary design of the logo, the choice of style types will stand when the logo are paired. In this design of Vingt-Trois, the font style is called Blaze, sans-serif and capitals while the other version is called Zapfino which gives a classic script composition, the two logotypes are use to variate in any design application.



Logo and logotype signboard design - Montreal.
Logo and logotype signboard design - Montreal.

Here, the finish logo and logotypes are designed for the signboard, the versatility of the color black gives its depth and space. While gold gives its classsic touch that shines the impact of its design.


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