Signboard 12' x 3' design for new beauty salon in Côte-Vertu Metro Montreal, enfiletage threading was their specialty and their customers have known from their services of their four branches of beauty and hair salons. The sketch of this signboard was very conflicated, as a graphic designer I have to hit the basic idea of the image such as simplicity of design - the eye, the beauty, the elegance and perfectly fitted from the clients requirements. I add the thread with an X composition design, they choose gradated royal blue as their new color logo and the combination of two fonts the Zapfino and Copperplate.

Signboard Design

Signboard 130' x 36' design printed in vinyl for Indian Restaurant, located at Jean Talon in Montreal. This signboard is design in Illustrator CS4 - vector images prepared for sharp resolution for big scale enlargement. The illustrations are done and trace as comic art to produce sharper illustrations.

DBR Indian Cuisine Restaurant, Jean Talon Montreal

Sign Vinyl

Sign Vinyl is a kind of self-adhesive composite material. It consists of film, adhesive layer and backing paper. Different types of glossy and matt colors, ideal for banners, interior as well as exterior usage.

• High Dimensional Stability
• Cuts, weeds and transfers with ease
• Respective to most printing and painting methods
• Large color-range and low cost make this vinyl the ideal choice for general sign work
• Polyacrylate dispersion clear adhesive
• No shrinkage
• Advertising and promotion indoor or outdoor usage

Plastic Plate, Glass, PVC Film, Signboard Film, Cutting Machine, Wood, Painted Metal Plate & Rough Surface.


Signboard 32"x50"

Signboard design for Adonis Poissonnerie in Montreal. This signboard is design hand-painted in oil colors.

Handmade sculpture signboard (airbrush).

Making a design for a signage or signboards of companies and establishment is individually, specialized and handmade. For indoor specialized signage were build with solid wood called MDF (Medium Density Fiber) and for exterior is a solid hard plywood. After the comprehensive design was made, it is enlarge scaled to the actual size. The wood is cut and sculptured, including the texts, all of the cut pieces is layed out and fine sanded. With the application of "airbrush" and with a traditional paint brush method the signboard colors is finished. Varnish is applied repeatedly as much as five times and fine sanding in each coat. The thick coating of varnish gives a smooth finish and hard protection of its appearance. The signboard is hanged double sided with metal steel frame.

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